5D Smoothie Cat Eye – The absolute Nail Art Effect

Looking for that eye-catching nail arteffect?




Stop! We’ve got you covered! Let us introduce you to our 5D SmoothieCat Eye gel series. An inspiring collection with the beloved Cat Eye effect. TheCat Eye nails capture and reflect the light at every opportunity, offering astriking result that will take your manicure to the next level.



Apply one layer if you wish a more transparent effect or two layersfor full coverage. The 5D effect is created with high quality magnet pigment,in order to create beautiful nail designs. A process which is quite easy andfast, ideal for both advance and beginners.



The 5D Smoothie Cat Eye comes in an array of wonderful spring andsummer shades to choose from. The 5D Smoothie Cat Eye gel polishes are justamazing! We are obsessed with them!



How to Use



1.      Use the BLUESKY Nail File andNail Buffer to file and buff nails for a clean and dry surface.



2.      Apply the Base and cure underUV/LED lamp for 60-90 seconds.



3.      Apply the 5D Smoothie Cat Eye.Apply one layer for semi-transparent result or two layers for full coverage. Youcan always avoid using a color base.



4.      Use the cat eye magnet for yourdesirable design.



5.      Cure under UV/LED lamp for60-90 seconds each layer.



6.      Apply a thin layer of BLUESKYTop Coat and cure under UV/LED lamp for 60-120 seconds.



April 30, 2021 — Bluesky Nail