Nails Alert!

Let us introduce you to the BLUESKY Lexan Gel!

Extensions that dry in 5 seconds! Yes, this is correct!



Meet the BLUESKY Lexan Gel; our new innovative formula fornails enhancement, which is the best fit solution for broken, short, roughnails!



Did you know that our new Lexan Gel is the quickest solution for:



- "Fill": physical strengthening



- "Fix": broken nail



- "Extend": nail extensions durable with a smooth finish?




Lexan Gel has a thick texture, it is not harmful for the nail and itis a Cruelty free Vegan product. It is designed for all nail lovers,professional and beginners, as it is easy to apply with a brush, offering along-lasting 25-day effect!



Its transparent, crystal clear result offers the best canvas toexpress your creativity!



Use the BLUESKY Lexan Gel to Fill, Fix or Extend; all in just 5seconds!



It will be your all-powerful ally! So, what are you waiting for? Getyours now!



April 30, 2021 — Bluesky Nail