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Shrinking on the gel?

Reason and Solution: Normally shrinking is caused by Base Coat, if we use different brands of base coat and color gel, it is likely to cause shrinking. Please use full set of BLUESKY products to avoid the problem.


Do not dry after more than 2 minutes cure?

Reason and Solution: Do not dry is usually resulted from using old UV lamp. UV lamp has shorter lifespan and need to replace regularly. BLUESKY suggest to use LED lamp for better curing experience.

Wrinkles on the gel?

Reason and Solution: A. If you brush too much color gel on the nail and make it too thick, it will wrinkle after cure; B. if you take out your hands from the lamp too often during the curing process, it will also wrinkle because of the constant temperature change.

Yellowing on the gel?

Reason and Solution: Yellowing usually happens when you cure the nail too long. BLUESKY suggest 1 minute under the LED lamp and 2 minutes under the UV lamp.

Chip off on the edge?

Reason and Solution:

  1. Before using the gel polish, if we do not treat our nails properly and buffer the nail surface smooth, then the base coat will have less adhesion and result in chip off. So please prepare your nail properly before use gel polish.
  2. If we do not cap the edge of the nail for each layer of gel polish, including base coat, color gel and top coat, then the edge will be easy to chip off when the nail scratch hard surface. So please remember to cap the end of the nail for each layer of the gel polish.
  3. If we apply the gel polish too thick, then it will wrinkle and quickly it will chip off. So please remember, for gel polish, we shall apply it very thin, if you need very solid color, just apply it more than 3 times, but each time keep it thin.
  4. If we cure it not properly, either not enough time, or under an old UV lamp, the gel will dry on the surface, but still wet underneath. And it is easy to chip off. So please pay attention to the curing process and keep an eye on the time.
  5. If we apply the gel polish not neat enough and touch the skin area, but we still cure it under the lamp as it is, then it is likely to chip off very soon. So please apply the gel polish slowly and keep it neat and tidy every time.
  6. Most importantly, you need to protect your nails from scratching hard surface or high temperature, then you can avoid chipping off too soon.