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How to Apply Gel Polish

Step 1: Prep the nail.
Trim, file and buff nails for a clean and dry surface. Push back the cuticle. Remove shine from the natural nail with a file or a drill, especially around the cuticle and edges of the nail. Use brush remove dust and clean. (*Before opening the bottle, roll the bottle between your hands back and forth to gently mix.)

Step 2: Apply the base coat.
Apply thin base coat, cure under UV/LED lamp for 60-90 seconds.

Step 3: Apply the color gel.
Apply 1st thin layer of color gel polish - cure. (60 seconds)
Apply 2nd layer of color gel polish - cure. (60 seconds)
Apply 3rd layer of color gel polish if needed. - cure. (60 seconds)
*When applying color, wipe excess gel with brush before applying strokes.

Step 4: Apply the top coat.
Finish off with a layer of top coat, cure under UV/LED lamp for 90-120 seconds.

- Do not apply overmuch base coat or top coat and, the thinner, the better, otherwise it will get the gel shrunk and peeled off. Applying every thin coat is the key. -

Chip or peel off easily?
1. Remove the cuticle, trim the edge, polish your nails, ensure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free.
2. Avoid to apply the gel to skin or cuticle
3. Remember to cap the nail edge. (Apply gel to the edge of each nail to seal the gel with the brush horizontally to avoid chipping.)

Not dry?
Check your cure lamp and pay attention to the curing time. UV lamp for 120s, LED lamp for 60s.

How to remove?
1. Lightly buff off the shine from the top of nails using a nail buffer.
2.Soak a cotton ball or pad with nail gel remover and place on top of each nail.
3. Wrap the nail with aluminum foil or any nail wrap to secure and allow the remover to soak.
4. Soak for a minimum of 15 minutes.
5. Remove cotton and foils one at a time and gently push off gel using a removal wand. Gel should come off easily without much effort. If necessary, re-saturate cotton and rewrap finger and soak for 5 more minutes.
6. Lightly buff nails again once all gel is removed.

How to Apply Dip Powder

Step 1: Prep the nail. Push back the cuticle. Remove shine from the natural nail with a file or a drill, especially around the cuticle and edges of the nail. Use brush remove dust and clean.

Step 2: Apply a thin Base to the entire nail surface and quickly dip the nail at a 45-degree angle into the choice of dipping color powder coating the entire nail bed and pull straight back out.(Avoid getting the Base onto cuticles. Powder will pick up wherever Base is applied)

Step 3: Allow 20s for nails to dry and then tap off excess powder. Hold finger straight down & use a clean brush to *lightly* remove excess powder from around the nail plate & nail surface (This ensures that the powder does not fall back onto the nail.)

Step 4: Repeat steps 2-3 for 2 or 3 times coverage( Remember to put the BASE brush into BRUSH SAVER to clean when use the second/third times)

Step 5: Apply a coat of Activator to harden the blend of powder & liquid(Allow 10s for Activator to dry completely

Step 6: File / Shape / Buff

Step 7: Wash hands & nails thoroughly

Step 8: Apply another coat of Activator(Allow 30s for Activator to dry completely)

Step 9: a. Apply a coat of Top in quick thin strokes. (Allow 30s for nails to dry)

             b. Apply a second coat of Top (Allow 2 minutes for nails to dry completely)

How to Apply Gum Gel

Step 1: Prep the nail.
Start with clean, oil free nails. Lightly buff the surface of nails.

Step 2: Apply the base coat.
Apply a thin layer of base coat, and cure it under LED lamp (It is supposed to be sticky! No need for wipe)

Step 3: Choose a false nail tip.
Select a suitable shape & size false nail tip for each nail.

Step 4: Apply the gum gel(poly gel) - cure under the lamp.
Squeeze the gum gel(poly gel) out of the tube and using the spatula end of the pen, slice off and roll into the false nail. Take the brush end of the pen and pat the gum gel(poly gel) into place for your desired length. (For better consistency, you can use the base coat gel to smooth it out!) When finished, stick the false nail onto your real nail and gently press down. Cure under LED lamp.

Step 5: Remove the false nail.
Lift a corner of the false nail tip to pop off and remove.

Step 6: Trim and apply top coat. - Finish!
Trim, shape, buff and polish your nails for the desired look. Finish off with top coat and cure under LED lamp.

1.Not Slip Solution, but you can use Alcohol instead.
2.Gum gel(poly gel) need to be cured with LED lamps. We recommend curing with nail lamp for 2-3 mins, LED lamp for 60-90s. The time needed depends on the thickness of the gel.
3.It is important to start with clean, oil free nails to avoid lifting. Clean your cuticles and file your nail surface completely!
4.We recommend filling your nails about every two weeks when the new cuticle area grows.

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  • FAST & EASY APPLICATION: The BLUESKY Poly Gel Nail Kit can be applied and cured as quickly and easily as gel colors. It promises you to change the way you create nail enhancements.
  • NAIL EXTENSIONS: Use our BLUESKY Gum Gel with nail forms and a LED UV lamp to create beautiful nail extensions, sculpt shapes and enhance your nails.
  • KIT INCLUDES: Clear Gum Gel Poly gel 60g, Nail Forms, Nail File, Cuticle Pusher, Orange Wood Stick, Gum Gel Poly Gel application brush
  • EASY REMOVAL: With our BLUESKY Remover Products, you may safely and easily remove your Gum Gel Poly Gel.
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY & CRUELTY-FREE - BLUESKY complies with EU regulations and have MSDS for all of our products. Our products are certified Halal cosmetics, Cruelty-free we are registered by The Vegan Society as Vegan Friendly.

Product description

The BLUESKY Gum Gel Kit includes everything you need to get started with poly gel/ gum gel nail extensions at home. You can easily and quickly create nail extensions that are applied and cured as gel polish. This product promises you to change the way you create nail enhancements.

Gum gel cures in 60 seconds under our BLUESKY LED & UV nail lamp.


How to apply Gum Gel

  1. Apply a thin layer of BLUESKY Base Coat to all five nails, capping the edges. Avoid the skin and cuticle.
  2. Cure for 60 seconds under your UV/LED Lamp. Note that it will still be tacky but this is normal.
  3. Using an extension tip that fits your nail apply a small amount of BLUESKY Gum Gel into the tip with an orangewood stick.
  4. Using a small amount of cleanser on your orangewood stick, spread the Gum Gel into the tip to the length required.
  5. Once you have applied the Gum Gel onto the tip to your desired length, use a small brush and a small amount of cleanser to apply to the gel.
  6. Cover the nail with the gel side of the tip. Using your small brush and a small amount of cleanser, wipe around the nail edge (where the extension rests near the edge of your nail).
  7. Cure for 60 seconds.
  8. Using your BLUESKY Nail File, file into your desired shape. Then, use your BLUESKY Buffer to buff over the gel to smooth.
  9. Using a BLUESKY Cleanser Wipe, wipe over the nail to remove dust and debris.
  10. Apply BLUESKY Top Coat to all nails and cure for 60 seconds.
    11. Wipe away the sticky layer with a BLUESKY Cleanser Wipe and finish with BLUESKY Cuticle Oil on the skin around your nails to leave them feeling nourished.


1x Gum Gel 60g - Clear
1x Gum Gel Application Brush
1x Bluesky Nail File 100/180 (Square)
1x Box of Dual Forms (100 Pack)
1x Cuticle Pusher 
1x Orange Wood Stick

Get started with nail extensions with our Gum Gel Kit! Create gorgeous nails from home with our Poly Gel kit and step-by-step tutorial video.