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Why was my order cancelled?

Payment Issues: If there was a problem processing your payment—such as insufficient funds, payment method verification failure, or suspected fraud— the order might be cancelled.

Out-of-Stock Items: Occasionally, items may show as available at the time of purchase but might actually be out of stock or unavailable. In such cases, the order might be cancelled, and you'll be notified about the issue.

Address Verification Problems: If the shipping address provided doesn't match the information on file with your payment method, the order might get cancelled as a security measure.

Cancellation Request: You or someone with access to your account might have initiated a cancellation request.

System Error: Sometimes, technical glitches or errors in the ordering system might lead to accidental cancellations.

Non-compliance with Terms: If the order violates the company's terms of service or policies, they might cancel it.

I'm interested in the BLUESKY new/exclusive colors that I saw on your social media, and which are not available from the local distributor. What can I do?

BLUESKY offers choices from a range of 2,000 carefully selected colors. However, each distributor offers a specific selection based on the local market needs. If you are interested in any product that is temporarily not available by your local distributor, kindly share your request with your local distributor or contact us via email at

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

We use all major carriers, and local courier partners. Our shipping area includes: USA, DE, FR, IT, ES and GR.

What is the shipping policy?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are non-refundable in the case of returns. Shipping Policy

My package was lost, stolen, or damaged!

Check with Neighbors or Family: Sometimes, carriers leave packages with neighbors or in less obvious places. Check around your property and ask neighbors if they received it by mistake.

Contact the Carrier: Get in touch with the delivery carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) and provide them with your tracking number. They might have more details about the delivery or be able to initiate a search or investigation.

Contact the Seller: Reach out to Inform them about the situation; we might assist in tracking the package or offer a replacement or refund.

Why has my order been returned to carrier?

If your order has been returned to the carrier, several reasons could explain this:

Incomplete or Incorrect Address: The shipping address might have been incomplete, inaccurate, or unreadable. This can cause the carrier to return the package to the sender.

Failed Delivery Attempts: If the carrier couldn't deliver the package after multiple attempts or if there was no one available to receive it, they might return it to the sender.

Refused by Recipient: Sometimes, recipients refuse to accept a package, leading the carrier to return it to the sender.

Customs Issues (International Orders): For international shipments, customs clearance problems or issues with import regulations could result in the package being returned to the carrier.

Undeliverable Package: If the package is damaged or if there's an issue with the contents, the carrier might consider it undeliverable and return it to the sender.

When can i expect my refund?

Processing Time: Once a refund is initiated by the seller or company, it often takes some time for the transaction to be processed. This period might range from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Payment Method: The speed of the refund might also depend on the payment method used. Credit card refunds, for example, usually take a few business days to reflect on your statement. However, it can vary based on the card issuer.

Seller's Processing Policies: Some sellers have specific processing timelines outlined in their policies. Check their website or contact their customer service to understand their typical refund processing time.

Return Shipping Time: If you're returning a physical item, the refund might be processed after the seller receives and inspects the returned item. This process can take some additional time.

Color Difference

I’m having trouble receiving a color shade different to what I saw on the screen before ordering?

Due to different monitor settings and electronic devices colors may differ slightly. However, please note that the latest version of color blobs and tips are made by professional color calibrations to ensure no notable difference between e-color chart and physical gel polish color. We advise you to access the latest version of color charts or the physical gel polish sample prior to your purchase. Finally, regarding screen preference and for your information, our quality control team that checks our product colors use Apple screens.

Why does the color in an older bottle look different than my new BLUESKY bottle of the same color shade?

A new gel polish bottle may appear different from your old one, if your old one has been opened for more than a year or has not been opened but stored for more than two years. In this case, the gel polish color starts to fade or different layers of pigmentation form inside the bottle, or yellow signs appear. These bottles have expired and should be discarded. Specifically, neon, temperature changing colors, and any colors which contain big glitters cannot be stored for more than a year. Higher quality standards, pure color pigments, and new advanced ingredients have offered us the ability to produce an improved formula with an increased product consistency over the product’s lifetime. As a reminder, we recommend that the best useful life of the bottle is 12 months. Once the bottle is opened, we recommend that the best useful life is 6 months.

Best Practice

Can I use a BLUESKY gel polish with a base or top coat from another brand?

The BLUESKY base and top coats are created following a specific color formula. In order to achieve the optimal wear, shine and product life results, we recommend that you use your BLUESKY gel polish only with BLUESKY base and top coats. There may be other brands’ formulas that are compatible with BLUESKY, however a flawless BLUESKY manicure/ pedicure is not guaranteed.

If gel polish thickens, why can’t we dilute it by using acetone?

We recommend our clients not to thin the gel polish by themselves with acetone, as it is toxic, and also as it is difficult for clients to control the amount they are using.

How do I prevent my polish from bubbling?

Preventing from stirring and leaving the gel products to sit for a while, can solve most of the bubble problems. In addition, extreme changes in temperature and pressure may cause bubbles to appear. For this reason, keep your Bluesky nail gel polish products in the appropriate storage conditions preferably between 16-24 degrees C and away from direct sunlight. Last but not the least please don't stir the gel products, as air will enter the products and cause bubbles to appear.

What are the preferred storage and shipping conditions of our nail gel polish products to ensure maximum life expectancy?

Keep your Bluesky products preferably between 16-24 degrees C and away from direct sunlight. In addition, avoid extreme changes in temperature and pressure.

How long should I cure each layer for with UV/LED lamp?

BLUESKY suggests to cure each layer of gel polish for 1 minute under the LED lamp and for 2 minutes under the UV lamp. Note that our innovative Lexan gel needs to be cured for only 5 seconds.

How can I avoid the formation of clumpy nails?

Common mistakes include: you apply a coat of gel polish which is too thick, you don't cure your nails for the suggested time under the lamp between thin coats, or the UV lamp doesn’t work properly. We recommend our clients to use an LED lamp, since a UV lamp has very short lifespan and therefore needs to be replaced often.

Why my nails chip off on the edge?

Chipping off may be caused due to several reasons. First of all, let’s start with the preparation of the nails prior to your manicure. The proper preparation is very important. Nails need to be well buffered to enhance the adhesion of the base coat. BLUESKY cleanser wipes are ideal, but you can also use alcohol to cleanse the nails before applying the base coat. If this stage is omitted, the oil may affect the wear of gel polish and may cause the gel polish to chip off.

Moreover, it is important to apply thin layers of gel polish. Otherwise, the gel polish will wrinkle and quickly chip off. Also, it is important to note to always cap the edges when applying your base coat, gel polish and top coat, in order to avoid chipping, when the nail scratches hard surfaces. Be careful when applying your gel polish and avoid touching the skin area.

Finally, properly curing your nails is also important. Please follow the recommended time and ensure that you are not using an old UV lamp.

When should I use cuticle oil during the manicure?

BLUESKY cuticle oil is a great product. It protects cuticles from drying and offers nourishing moisture, while it is absorbed quickly. It is ideal to be used after the application of gel polish and after the completion of the removal process.

Can I use alcohol to cleanse the nails?

Yes, you could. However, we would recommend that you to use the BLUESKY Cleanser Wipes to clean the nails’ surface, as it has a smaller drying effect.

How can I keep my nails shinny?

Keeping a flawless shiny manicure is every woman’s wish. There are a couple of secrets that aim at achieving this goal. First of all, try wearing rubber gloves when doing housework. This includes doing the dishes or when using harsh chemicals. Chemicals and hot water can damage the gel and cause your manicure to last a shorter amount of time. Also, avoid exposure to excessive sunlight, especially when you are wearing neon colors during Summertime.

Why do I need to push back cuticles before gel polish application?

Cuticles need to be pushed back properly during manicure or pedicure prep. If not, the cuticle will transfer oils from the skin to the nail. This might result in lifting of the nail polish and in shorter wear time. Overall, pushing back cuticles will make your hands and nails look clean and beautiful.

How do you Prevent Yellow Nails and Staining?

As a first step in your manicure process, make sure your nail surface is dry before applying a base coat in order to properly prep your nails and avoid yellow nails. Alternatively, you can use a primer to ensure that the nail surface is ready for the manicure. As soon as you spot stains, please remove the manicure instantly.

How can I prevent small cracks from appearing on my extensions?

We don't propose using Gum Gel or builder gel to fix cracked extensions because these products are too thick to get into the crack. This is the reason BLUESKY created the ideal solution through our new product called "Lexan Gel". It is more liquid than the other two traditional extension products, and it only takes 5 seconds to dry and therefore to restore your extensions to their original condition.

Why do I need to apply so many coats to achieve a full coverage of BLUESKY manicure?

We recommend you apply at least two coats of color for a full color coverage. If you opt for an even more opaque result, you may apply three or even four coats of color. In cases such as Jelly or semi-opaque BLUESKY gel colors, that do not offer a full coverage manicure, we recommend to first apply a white base coat, so as to achieve an opaque manicure.

Note that some colors are preferred for a very transparent effect!

* For an opaque manicure with BLUESKY jelly gel polish colors, BLUESKY recommends to use a white base coat underneath. However, please note that there may be a slight color change.

Why is some gel polish inconsistent when applying. Sometimes it is too thick?

This is mainly due to the different proportion of pigments added to different colors. Some colors include glitter, sequins and other additives to create a different style or finish. In addition, the consistency of gel polish is also related to storage conditions. Don’t forget that gel polishes should be stored somewhere cool and should avoid direct sunlight. In general, please note that semi-opaque colors, such as neon gel polishes, are the thinnest, followed by dark and opaque colors. The thickest color often contains a great deal of sequins or glitters. As a reminder, we recommend that the best useful life of the bottle is 12 months. Once the bottle is opened, we recommend that the best useful life is 6 months.

From which age onwards can we apply gel polish? Is it safe for children?

While it is not necessary to restrict gel polish application to those over 16, we recommend an in-depth consultation to both parents and children, so they both fully understand the risks involved and the importance of proper application and maintenance. As younger skin is much more sensitive than older skin, you need to be very careful and precise with the application. Keep the product off the skin and cure it properly. Else you may accidentally risk exposing young users to allergies and/or dermatitis. If you plan to apply nail polish to a child's finger nails or toe nails, we propose that you choose the BLUESKY Airkiss peel off nail polish, as it is a non-toxic water-based polish, safe for kids, authorized by Intertek.

How many applications can a 10ml gel polish bottle provide?

A BLUESKY 10ml bottle can provide approximately 30 applications of natural length nails (2 coats of color on each nail). In order to get the maximum use of color, please note to always avoid direct sunlight, clean the neck of the bottle after each use, and tighten the cap securely.

How many applications can a 15ml gel polish bottle provide?

A BLUESKY 15ml bottle can provide approximately 50 applications of natural length nails (2 coats of color on each nail). In order to get the maximum use of color, please note to always avoid direct sunlight, clean the neck of the bottle after each use, and tighten the cap securely.

Is BLUESKY gel polish Vegan?

Committed to offer the best products to our customers, BLUESKY gel polish products are Vegan. You may visit the Vegan Society website as per below:

Is BLUESKY gel polish hypoallergenic?

BLUESKY gel polish can be considered hypoallergenic. However, if you have allergies to ingredients commonly found in gel polish, we recommend that you check the BLUESKY ingredient list, found on the individual product pages on our website. It will help identify the ingredients you would like to avoid. Always consult a physician for any questions you may have.

Is BLUESKY gel polish Cruelty-free?

Committed to offer the best products to our customers, BLUESKY gel polish products are Cruelty-free and are not tested on animals.

Does BLUESKY gel polish expire?

A BLUESKY gel polish, if unopened, has a 2-year (or 24 month) shelf life. Neon, temperature changing and any color which include big glitters have a 1-year (or 12 month) shelf life.

Can I use unopened expired gel polish products while it’s still consistently perfect?

According to the FDA, you can use unopened expired gel polish products long after reaching their expiration date, under two conditions; if they have been stored properly and if they appear to be in ideal condition.

Is it safe to have gel nails applied during pregnancy?

BLUESKY does not recommend the application of nail gel polish to pregnant women, women that are breastfeeding and those treated for a serious disease. It is important to note that during pregnancy women’s skin is more sensitive and sometimes itchy, because of changes that pregnancy brings to women’s immune system, metabolism, and hormones. It is recommended to ask your doctor for any advice.

How is an acid free primer different from a base coat?

Base Coats and Acid Free Primers are both used to make your manicures last longer. But both of them work differently.

1.Dehydrating your nails to remove moisture and oil from the surface of your nails allows the base coat to better adhere to your nails.

2.Creating microscopic tears and holes on your nail plates allows the base coat to better adhere on your nails.

Why is Gum Gel is sticky when using extension tips or paper forms?

Gum Gel’s special formula is based on the combination of acrylic and gel. These two main ingredients offer the perfect result for nail extension. If you do not wish for the material to be sticky, you could use the dual tips forms that are specially made for this product.

Why use Primer?

The Primer is used before the application of the base coat and it can enhance its adhesion to the nail surface. No need to cure, as it air-dries.

Why use Base coat?

A base coat is really important, as it acts as a foundation for BLUESKY gel nail products. It protects the nails and helps the colors adhere on the nails.

Why use Top coat?

A top coat is very important, as it seals and protects the color from chipping and fading, also offering a shinning result.

Why use Hard Gel?

BLUESKY Hard Gel is a versatile product for physical strengthening and/or for slight extensions of up to 2cm. Hard Gel is ideal for:

1. Reinforcing nails and filling uneven nail surfaces.

2. Avoiding nail chipping.

3. Short extensions with BLUESKY nail form.

4. Protecting nails when using/removing extensions without causing harm.

*Hard gel will be sticky after curing so it is important that you apply a top coat to finish your routine.

Overall Hard Gel is very helpful and provides the needed nail protection for all types and shapes of nails.

Why does the matte effect of No Wipe Matte Top Coat fade over time?

BLUESKY No Wipe Matte Top Coat can gradually lose its matte effect during wear, as natural oils from the skin transfer onto the nail. To refresh your matte look, please clean your nails with BLUESKY Cleanser Wipes.

If you are looking to maintain a fresh Matte effect, we recommend that after two weeks you apply one extra layer of the No Wipe Matte Top Coat.

Why have you changed the formula?

We have not changed the formula of our original gel polish range, but according to the new EU regulations regarding cosmetics, issued on 6th of July 2021, we expanded our already extensive product line to give our users the absolute best choice of high-quality products within the nail industry. We are proud for being an innovative brand by launching new products for our BLUESKY users. The Hema Free range demonstrates our commitment to bring new and exciting ranges to the market.

What is Hema and why has it been removed?

Hema is hydroxyethyl methacrylate which is used as a main ingredient to polymerize the gel polish. Hema is considered the No. 1 allergen in gel polish products. Therefore, removing Hema grants home users and end users the ability to do manicure by themselves. It also grants nail technicians the ability to offer their services to clients who have shown signs of an allergy.

According to the EC requirement EC 1229/2003, HEMA formula can still be included in gel polish but only for professional nail technicians who have the experience to correctly deal with possible allergic reactions to HEMA.

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