We are really excited to share with you that BLUESKY will be participating once again in Cosmoprof Bologna 2023; the exhibition that hosts professional cosmetics and beauty products from around the world, that will be held in Bologna from 17th – 20th of March, 2023.

During the COSMO Hair & Nail & Beauty Salon, BLUESKY will present the brand, its nail art products and innovations, training initiatives, and campaigns that bring out the brand’s strong fashion and life styling dimension.

Some of the brand new and most iconic BLUESKY products that will take stage at BLUESKY’s booth in Cosmoprof are our great range of products for nail extension, base coats, nail art and nail polishes.


Nail Extensions

Longer nails draw longer attention! Deep dive into BLUESKY’s Nails Extension world that is based on your nails’ safety and beauty.

Lexan Gel: Our new innovative formula for nails enhancement, Lexan Gel, is the best fit solution for broken, short, rough nails, as its main powerful characteristic is that it dries in just 5 seconds. Ideal for both advanced professionals and beginners.

Easy Builder in a Bottle: Our updated formula that fits in a bottle, simplifies the operation for nails extension. Using the bottle’s brush hair made of silicon for durability and long life will help you create long nails, fast and easily. You can omit the base coat so as to have less shaping, filing and dust. Durable for more than 21 days. Ideal for both advanced professionals and beginners.


Base Coats

Base coat products form the basics of a manicure. For our customers’ specific needs, we offer a great variety, beyond the regular base and top coats. Take a careful look!

Rubber Base Coat: BLUESKY Rubber base smooths out any ridges or bumps in your natural nails, giving an even surface for easier application of your gel polish. It perfectly harmonizes with the natural nail plate, evens out imperfections, complements any damage and allows you to extend the nail on the form up to 5-10 mm. Being available in several colors it saves time, by avoiding placing a gel color afterwards. Its perfect pigment offers a great result, while it can be soaked off really easily.


Base Coat with Plant Protein: BLUESKY Base Coat with Plant Protein is our new innovation regarding the best nail strengthening treatment. It is a plant-based nail hardener base coat that provides a clean solution for a chip-free, shine boosting manicure. It adds nutrition to the nails, strengthens and improves the toughness of the nail surface! Without damaging of course, the natural nail.  It effectively enables gel polish to stick to the nail, providing a long-lasting manicure.


Nail Art

The nail art category promises spectacular results through the use of bold and impressive nail designs, such as 4D Gel, Gel Paint, Matrix Gel, Stamping Gel, Powders. So, wait no more and unleash your artistic skills!

3 in 1 Magic Gel: Our new multi-functional formula for nail art, 3 in 1 Magic Gel, covers 3 main needs in nail art: A. it meets the nail extensions, B. it matches with gel tips and C. it is sticky for decorations. Its solid texture makes it easy to use, as it does not flow. Durable for more than 21 days, it is the ideal product for all nail professionals who want to express their creativity.

Aqua Solid Palette Gel: Aqua Solid Palette Gel is reach in color to ensure the best result. All you need is a nail brush. Just add a tiny amount of water to dilute and then dip it in the watercolor. It is very easy to apply and create the pattern effect you want. The more layers you apply, the most solid result you get. It air dries so you do not need a lamp to cure and if you add base and top coat, you definitely keep your creation for at least 28 days. Suitable for both beginners and professionals.


Nail Polish

The color palette can fit any mood, any occasion. Our water-based nail polish collection, ideal for both kids and adults, is playful and perfect to create a different look every day!

Airkiss: Offer to you and your child endless hours of fun. This water-based range includes 52 eyepopping colors. Our water-based formula makes Airkiss nail polish safe for kids of 3 years old and above. Easy and fun to apply, enables little kids to explore fashion and beauty safely. It peels off in seconds just with water.

Join us on our “How to be a winner in the nail industry” event, that will take place during Cosmoprof Bologna, on March 18th at Coral Room Hall36 at 2:00pm-6:00pm. We will be more than happy to welcome you and be the first to discover the new fascinating products, impressive nail designs from our professional nail artists and many gifts!


Please contact us at jennifer@blueskynail.com , Jennifer Zeng to book a meeting slot.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth at Cosmoprof Bologna!



Bologna, Italy

17th – 20th of March 2023

Hall 36, Booth I10

International Exhibition Center

Opens daily: 9:30am – 6:30pm


Bluesky Nail