Nude nails, who? This summer embrace your inner bold and playful side of yours!

Neon is probably one of the most doubtful color palettes out there, don’t you think? No one though can deny that Neon holds a top place in this summer trend list!

From cloths to accessories and nails, you need to find the best way for you to inject some brights into your look. For us in BLUESKY, neon manicure offers that color twist that attracts all eyes! But, it’s not just a trend. Neon colors have the power to make you feel happy and enhance your tan, which after all is everyone’s summer aim.

Our new Neon collection offers 8 impressive shades to choose from. From Pinky Purple to Apple Green and Orange Zest just get in the mood for Neon! So, whether you feel happy with a watermelon-pink manicure or prefer to showcase your tan with ombre neon yellow nails, Neon is the best option to make your statement.

If you're feeling particularly colorful, then take some time to get creative with your manicure by combining colors or creating an impressive nail design, such as a perfect neon rainbow ombre.

Ready to take the neon nail plunge? View here some of the brightest and best options in Neon nail colors for your summer 2021 manicure.

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