Are you a long nail lover? Do you opt for futuristic nails?

Then, take a pause and let us introduce you to our new Gum Gel that is glowing in dark. Including all the favorite traits of the beloved Gum Gel, the new revolutionary Gum Gel is actually glowing in dark, offering a super impressive look when lights are off!


Gum Gel has taken the nail enhancement world by storm. As a highly versatile and durable nail enhancement product, Gum Gel has been designed to create extensions, sculpt shapes and enhance your nails in any way your creativity desires. Gum Gel is highly adhesive and can be applied directly onto the nail bed to create a strong and durable nail enhancement. Unlike other nail enhancement products, Gum Gel does not require a base coat or primer, which makes the application process much quicker and easier.

The new Gum Gel - Glowing in Dark is a hybrid acrygel product with a complete colour transformation in the dark. As the basic version of Gum Gel, the new Gum Gel – Glowing in Dark is highly durable and long-lasting, as it is resistant to chipping, cracking, and peeling, meaning that your nails will look beautiful for much longer.


The new Gum Gel – Glowing in Dark shades are here to shake things up! When in dark, light and dark pink turns into purple, light and dark coral turns into aqua, beige turns into white and medium coral shade turns into light coral one.


So, whether you sculpt over forms or use as an overlay for tips or the natural nail, create your perfect canvas for inspiring nail designs or use it as plain color. The choices are endless, you only need your imagination!


Bluesky Nail