Spring and summer are seasons of renewal and vibrant beauty. What better way to celebrate the arrival of warmer days than with a stunning set of pastel nails?

BLUESKY proudly presents its latest gel polish collection, Pastel Dreams Gel. This enchanting lineup of soft, muted hues will transport you to a world of delicate charm and effortless style. Get ready to embrace the subtle yet captivating allure of pastels with BLUESKY’s new collection, Pastel Dreams Gel.

The Pastel Dreams Gel collection is here to add a touch of whimsy and elegance to your manicure. So, say no more and let's dive into the delightful shades that will make your nails the epitome of chic this season.

The collection includes gel polishes of pink pastel hues (Timeless Novel, Cotton-Candy, Pick A Boo, Too Cute! Too Girly!, Sun Special, Nude Talk, Muted Shade. These soft and sophisticated pink hues embody grace and femininity. They are perfect for adding a subtle pop of color to your everyday look or complementing a romantic evening ensemble.

The coral pastel hues (Second Heart, To Be Shared, Memorable) of the collection are just a bliss! Dive into the refreshing depths of the coral shades. Their warm undertones will transport you to tropical shores and instantly brighten your mood. Get ready for a burst of summer vibes!

Lavender pastel shades (Subtle Yet Elegant, Purple To Nibble, Minimal Style, Purple DropsBe In Love, Feel Breezy) could not be omitted! Unlock the soothing power of lavender purple with the dreamy shades of the Pastel Dream collection. They capture the essence of tranquility and pair beautifully with a bohemian-inspired wardrobe or a pastel floral dress.

The yellow pastel shade of the collection brings a smile on our face! This sunny yellow shade will bring a dash of sunshine to your fingertips. Like a freshly squeezed lemonade on a hot day, the “Yellow Brings A Smile” is invigorating and revitalizing, making it the ultimate summer companion.

The different shades of sky-blue pastel (Season Navigator, Green To Breathe, Tawny Blue, For Any Fit, Blue To Dream, Blue Insider, Street Style) are difficult to leave out. Picture yourself gazing up at a clear blue sky, and you will find the inspiration for these light blue shades. The range of pastel light blue shades are the epitome of serenity and pair effortlessly with your favorite denim outfits.

With the Pastel Dreams Gel collection by BLUESKY, you have a spectrum of 24 soft and dreamy shades to choose from. Create captivating nail art or go for a classic, monochromatic look—the possibilities are endless. BLUESKY's high-quality cruelty-free gel formula ensures a long-lasting and chip-resistant finish, so your pastel dreams can last for weeks on end.

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