We, in BLUESKY, believe in women and stand by women in every step of the way. Spring/ Summer season comes as a natural consequence of the previous seasons, where BLUESKY stands out by inspiring you to “SPEAK YOUR TRUTH”.
We support you to stay true to who you are, to your own opinions and voices, no matter what anyone else may think. BLUESKY supports you to express what you want without any hesitation.
Our campaign takes stage in a luxurious villa next to the sea… Four girls and a boy are asked a quite common question: “What’s the first thing you will do this summer?”
Our protagonists offer a different reply BUT they are “caught” to eventually do something totally different… Why is that? Why do they hide the truth? Is it because of the way they see things? Or just because they are shy and do not feel comfortable enough to say what they really have on their mind?
Whichever the case is, for one thing we are sure of…
You just need to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH.
And by that to inspire other people to do or act accordingly…
Be authentic – be real – be unique - be you!
Bluesky Nail