Are you in the mood for nude? In BLUESKY, we have a Nude For Every Mood!

It is when we find ourselves in a more minimalist mood that the nude manicure makes an entrance. Timeless, chic, elegant and a must-have, for both special occasions and everyday wear, the perfect nude manicure is your way to go, especially when in doubt. However, the process is not that easy, as the question arises on which nude shade to choose?

You need to consider a few things before selecting your nude match. Do you opt for an opaque, shimmering, light nude or darker tones? Also, you need to consider your skin type, so it is good to experiment yourself to find the perfect for you neutral shade. The truth is that there is more that one nude shade that will look good on you.

Find your all-time favorite nude shade among a great range of BLUESKY gel polishes in nude color.

Let’s see some favorite ones:

Stoned Rose: With a light see through texture, this nude mani is perfect for wedding and everyday occasion!

Powder My Nose: Amazing powder nude-light pink gel nail polish for those that seek for a more subtle result. With a full cover texture is perfect for wedding and everyday occasion!


I Own Me: So elegant and chic, this soft white-beige gel nail polish can be this season's ally.


Bare Lingerie: Elevate your look with a gel nail polish that includes hues of pink to offer a chic result. With a Pearly Powder texture is perfect for wedding and everyday occasion.


Champagne: Enjoy a nude-beige mani with glitter texture; perfect for party and wedding!


Candy Sand: Take the classic nude manicure to the next level with this nude-beige mani, with a classy glitter powder texture! The shimmer offers some extra dimension.


Beige Tan: A darker tone nude manicure if you wish for a more statement nude look.


A nude mani helps you feel polished, professional and all you have to do is to find the perfect tone to complement your look and skin.

Extra tip: Apply your BLUESKY Cuticle Oil, as part of your daily routine to make your manicure look as good on day five as it did on day one.

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