Struggling with messy wipes and thick, hard-to-manage spider gels when creating intricate nail art designs? The new BLUESKY No Wipe Clear Matrix Flex Gel is your ultimate product for spider gel nail art, making it easy to unleash your inner artist and create stunning designs that are sure to impress!


Whether you're a professional nail artist or a DIY enthusiast, this versatile and flexible gel will help you take your nail art game to the next level.


The BLUESKY No Wipe Clear Matrix Gel is transparent, flexible, and fully consistent, making it easy and quick to create everything from thin lines to geometric and micro-stereoscopic shapes. What sets the BLUESKY No Wipe Clear Matrix Flex Gel apart from other spider gels on the market is its unique formula that doesn't require any wiping. This means you can add color and a metal effect with Chrome Powders without having to worry about any residue or mess. Plus, the flexibility of the gel allows you to create intricate designs without the risk of cracking or breaking.




With its transparent and consistent formula, you can trust that your designs will turn out exactly how you envisioned them. So, say goodbye to messy wipes and hard-to-work-with spider gels, and welcome effortless and stunning nail art designs with the BLUESKY No Wipe Clear Matrix Flex Gel. Whether you are looking to create bold and intricate designs or subtle accents, this gel will be your absolute ally for achieving the perfect spider gel nail art.


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