For Collab | 2024 Spring & Summer | 15ml*24pcs

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Rating of 1 means SEE THROUGH.
Middle rating means LIGHT SEE THROUGH.
Rating of 5 means FULL COVER.
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Customer Reviews

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Wauwww amazing

That i only get 3 bottles from the mystery gift and nothing else. Why and how can I be a collab for a brand when i don't get products to work and promote them. I can afford this. Is it because I live in the Netherlands. I should have gotten 24 bottles in november from the fall and winter collection and i got nothing ow wait i got again 3 bottles the Christmas gift.
I don't know why they asked me to collab because i especially did a nailarts education at home only costed me 1200 euro but i really wanted to make professional video's. So it has cost me more then i have gotten in return. I am very disappointed because i love bluesky but this isn't fair.

matilda koleci
Best Spring - Summer collection 2024 😍

I really am very excited, i think BLUESKY is the best for a nail tech , all those pretty colors, the pigment that they have is amazing i can’t wait to work with all of them , and to make amazing videos with all of those colors and to post to my instagram , best spring & summer by the best products
I suggest this brand for every nail-tec😍

Antonia Anillo Reyes
2024 Spring & Summer | 15ml*24pcs

BLUESKY enamels have a perfect density for a magnificent coating with a single coat. They have a neutral odor, meet safety standards and offer good value for money.

The BLUESKY brand is certified "cruelty free" and "vegan".

Dajana kaci
Best nail polish!

I love this brand! Only one layer is needed because it is very pigmented! Dry in a UV/Led for 60 sec! They do not drain !Very beautiful colors!
I suggest this brand for every nail-tech 😍😍

Andelia Hida
very beautiful

I like it very much, thank you