BLUESKY Bulgaria is celebrating a decade of BLUESKY success in the local market.
Celebrating a ten-year anniversary milestone is a big achievement and we would like to congratulate the Bulgarian team for their accomplishment! The General Manager of BLUESKY Bulgaria, Bozhura Marinova Todorova – our own Bobby - has been instrumental in making BLUESKY the top gel nail polish brand in the Bulgarian market.
To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, the team organized a successful event where the top nail artists of the market had the chance to celebrate with BLUESKY and share some of the brand’s most iconic moments in a very festive mood.
The key success factor that led to the successful anniversary has been the long-lasting relationships Bobby and her team have established both with each and every one of the BLUESKY customers and with each member of the local BLUESKY team.
It is also important to note the common values BLUESKY and the Bulgarian team share that contribute to the constructive presence of the brand in the Bulgarian market. The values of innovation, dedication, respect, optimism and freedom have established the brand in the local market and consist the basis to a promising future there! 
We wish BLUESKY Bulgaria success for the years to come!
Bluesky Nail