Our favorite color is neon everything!
From lime to orange and pink to blue, this summer neon nails have made their statement once again. Add a touch of energy and color to your nails and summer outfits at once with a neon manicure and pedicure.
The BLUESKY Neon collection already enjoys a special love and reception from all nail lovers around the world! But, we wanted to offer to all of you that extra something on Neon colors. Something that would give to neon colors a totally different perspective. So, this summer, BLUESKY is introducing a dynamic rich gel polish collection that changes with light, offering a different result from morning to night. BLUESKY is introducing Neon Light Change Gel collection!
How would you feel if under the sun your nails were purple while in the shadow they turned to neon fuchsia? Or from neon yellow in the shadow they change to caramel when being under the light. One thing is sure, you won’t get bored of your nails!
Follow this season’s trend and be amazed by the bold effect that a neon nail art has!
Bluesky Nail