Imagine if you could include in a single product three of your favorite ones! What if you could have the traits of Gum Gel, Emboss Gel and Décor Gel in a product? Trouble no more, we did it for you!

Let us introduce you to the 3in1 Magic Gel; a gel that is ready to do its magic!

Our new multi-functional formula, 3 in 1 Magic Gel, covers 3 main needs:

               A. For nail extensions,

                     B. It works as a glue for nail tips and/or nail art decorations, and

                     C. For 3D nail art decorations.

The 3in1 Magic Gel is ideal for all professional nail artists, as its solid texture does not flow, making it easy to use. During application, the hands are not sticky, so it can be used with ease to make extension nails, carve various shapes as decorations, and stick decorations or even adhesive fake nail tips on the nails. It’s just magical!

Durable for more than 21 days, it is the ideal product for all nail professionals who want to express their creativity. Discover the 6 beautiful shades and let your imagination free.

Bluesky Nail