Long nail lover? We do share the same passion, and we are here to present you the new Fast & Easy Builder Gelin a bottle! Yes, in a bottle!

Our new updated Builder Gel formula fits perfectly in a bottle, keeping the exquisite characteristics of the beloved Builder Gel. Perfect for any length of extension, the product is easy to apply using nail forms, simplifying at the same time the operation for nail extensions. Using the bottle’s brush hair, made of silicon for durability and long life, will help you create long nails, fast and easily.

You can omit the base coat, so as to have less shaping, filing and dust. Ideal for both advanced professionals and beginners, the Fast & Easy Builder Gel is your ally to create a super healthy-looking overlay over a natural nail or extension tip. Available in 6 shades to choose from, the Fast & Easy Builder Gel creates the perfect canvas for your nail art designs!

Neutral Beauty – in pure white shade

Latte – in nude pink shade

Dusty Rose – in light pink shade

Pale – in nude shade

Rose – in pink shade

Honey – in dark nude shade

Longer nails draw longer attention, so it’s time to try our new Fast & Easy Builder Gel!


Bluesky Nail