Attract all eyes on you this season with your impressive nail art!
Whatever you are looking for, in order to be different and original, is here for you! If extra glitter or candy cane lips aren’t your thing, then focus on a super-stunning nail effect, which is no other than the Cat Eye!
Our BLUESKY Cat Eye Collection is broad and includes all those series for a simple to an extravagant nail look.
We have collected them here for you, so check out some of the most iconic cat eye effects:
A shimmering series of "pearl-inspired" gel polishes for the absolute cat eye effect. Explore the collection’s color options and just hop on the trend.


Aurora Galaxy Cat Eye Gel Collection

It's stunning! A series of "galaxy-inspired" shimmering gel polishes that offer you the ideal cat eye effect.


5D Smoothie Cat Eye Gel

A cool shimmering gel polish collection for every fashionista!  From sparkling green and lilac to mint and light copper shade, what is your favorite one?


Luxury Diamond Cat Eye Gel

Create the most eye-catching manicures to match every outfit. The six inspiring vibrant Luxury Diamond Cat Eye gel colors can be worn 24/7.


Color Change Cat Eye – magic on your nails!

An impressive range of translucent colors to choose from all year long. The color of your nails now changes once temperature changes.


Chameleon Cat Eye - Oh what a miracle!

An upgrade to the cat eye series, with a different reflection in different lights. If you want more than a narrow line in the middle and want to create the most outstanding cat eye effects on your nails, then try these gel polishes.

Bluesky Nail