People say that "The best perfumes come in small bottles", in BLUESKY we say that "The most precious things come in small bottles"!  

We have collected some of the most astonishing gel polishes for you in a 5ml bottle, so as to carry them with you wherever you go!



Mini but mighty, the 5ml gel polish bottle includes all those benefits of a regular 10ml or 15ml gel polish bottle in a smaller package! Easy to apply and remove, while offering a perfect density in every layer, the BLUESKY gel polish is your ideal ally. Vegan and cruelty free and with more than 20 days flawless duration, all you have to do is to browse the impressive BLUESKY colorful palette of light, dark, pastel and glittery shades. Available with Hema and without Hema, choose your favorite shade and enjoy 15 manicures with a BLUESKY 5ml gel polish.



After all, who can deny the exquisite color palette of BLUESKY Gel Polish? No one! Want to try them all?

So wait no more, choose your favorite hue and enjoy 15 manicures with a BLUESKY 5ml Gel Polish. A true value for money choice!

Bluesky Nail