Spring is all about beginning something new! Something that will create positive feelings and a smile on your face. So, why not use this as an excuse to refresh your nail designs and feel more rejuvenated to hit the season!
Spring has made its presence with the most prominent way! Pastels, florals, splash of colors, exciting color combinations; all are here! We are ready to present you some of the most outstanding manicure ideas for this Spring and give you some inspiration for the next time you hit the nails salon.
In Pastel we Love
When in doubt – especially in Spring season – then go with a pretty pastel shade. Whether you are wearing your jeans or a bright and colorful outfit, any pastel shade would be a perfect choice.
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Splash of Bright Colors
What is Spring without a splash of color? Dare to combine bright colors for that perfect combo, like this turquoise blue and purple abstract design.
Shop the look: Seaside Blue & Lilac Shrub
Minimalist Nail Art
A colorful line to make a difference. All you need is a pink gel nail polish to work as a base and then just select your favorite colors to draw simple lines in the middle of your nails.
Shop the look: Cream Pink
Colorful Frenchies
The French manicure never goes wrong. Its resurgence isn't slowing down anytime soon, so this Spring go for a bold colorful Frenchie and create a playful accent to your bright and colorful look. Have in mind that the bolder the color, the cooler the look!
Shop the look: Naked Naivete & Festive Red
Reverse French Mani
This stunning soft glam Reverse French mani is all you need to make an entrance. It is simple, sophisticated, chic and gives your look an edge instantly.
Shop the look: Cake Pop & Aurora
Floral Nail Design
This is without any doubt the most Spring nail design of all. Beautiful flowers decorate your nails and create a cheerful design. Make your color combination wisely and create one of the most impressive Spring designs.
Shop the look: Cream Puff & Creekside & Nude Pink
Bluesky Nail