Tools | BLUESKY Mini Nail Lamp Led/UV - 6W

Perfect for on the go or at home, our Mini Bluesky Nail Lamp (6W) is compact and easy to use for curing all your gel products. Folding and portable for use wherever you go, the mini lamp comes complete with USB port and cable.

How To Use:

The lamp has two settings: press the button once for a 45 second timer. Hold the button down for 1-2 seconds for a 60 second timer. We recommend that you cure each coat for 60-120 seconds under the Nail Lamp.

Color Density
Rating of 1 means SEE THROUGH.
Middle rating means LIGHT SEE THROUGH.
Rating of 5 means FULL COVER.
The rating of this product for "" is 0.

Finish Type |

How to apply gel nail polish

Customer Reviews

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Awful - does not work - infuriating

I have just opened my Bluesky light to do my nails and pressed the button many times, no light has come on, they have sold me a broken one and I can’t do anything about it, so annoying and upsetting absolutely ridiculous what a waste of money!!