SS22 | I Run This Show!

"Run This Show!" is an empowering caramel shade that embodies the vitality and richness of Spring. This luscious hue, warm and inviting, resembles the caramel's sweet allure, adding a delectable touch of indulgence to your style. As the name suggests, "Run This Show!" is a statement shade for the woman who is in control, unapologetically taking the lead. This color is for those who set trends rather than follow them, turning heads with their unique sense of style. A coat of this bold and tantalizing shade ensures a look that's commanding, confident, and destined to steal the spotlight.

Color Density
Rating of 1 means SEE THROUGH.
Middle rating means LIGHT SEE THROUGH.
Rating of 5 means FULL COVER.
The rating of this product for "" is 5.

Finish Type | SHEER

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