AW21 | Maybe

"Maybe" from the Wear Confidence in Fall gel polish collection is a striking shade of crocodile green. This distinctive hue captures the strength and mystery of the autumn forest, drawing its depth from the resilient crocodile, a symbol of endurance and adaptability. This green is both bold and subtle, with a slight hint of an earthy undertone that speaks to the tranquil heart of fall. Its glossy finish adds a refined glow, reminiscent of dew drops on an early autumn morning. "Maybe" is not just a color; it's a testament to the intriguing uncertainties and infinite possibilities that the fall season brings.

Color Density
Rating of 1 means SEE THROUGH.
Middle rating means LIGHT SEE THROUGH.
Rating of 5 means FULL COVER.
The rating of this product for "" is 5.

Finish Type | SHEER

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