AW21 | You Own It!

"You Own It!" from the Wear Confidence in Winter gel polish collection is a commanding shade of brown. This color, reminiscent of the bare branches standing firm against winter's chill, embodies a sense of steadiness and resilience. It offers a warm contrast to the stark white winter landscapes, providing a grounding presence that radiates strength and reliability. The gel polish's glossy finish adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the color's depth and lending a sophisticated sheen. "You Own It!" is not just a color; it's a statement of ownership and confidence, encouraging you to embrace your strength and stand firm, even in the heart of winter.

Color Density
Rating of 1 means SEE THROUGH.
Middle rating means LIGHT SEE THROUGH.
Rating of 5 means FULL COVER.
The rating of this product for "" is 5.

Finish Type: SHEER

How to apply gel nail polish

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