SS22 | You Wish!

"You Wish!" is an enticing green shade in the You Rule in Summer gel polish collection. This color is reminiscent of the lush, verdant foliage that comes alive during the summer months. It captures the spirit of growth and rejuvenation that defines the season, adding a vibrant and refreshing touch to your look. "You Wish!" isn't just a color - it's an expression of ambition and dreams, a visual reminder of the possibilities that summer brings. It's the perfect shade for anyone who wants to bring a little piece of nature with them wherever they go, promising to keep you rooted while you reach for the stars.

Color Density
Rating of 1 means SEE THROUGH.
Middle rating means LIGHT SEE THROUGH.
Rating of 5 means FULL COVER.
The rating of this product for "" is 5.

Finish Type | SHEER

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